1992 PYRONOVA, s.r.o. was established
1993 The company becomes the main importer of FLN Neuruppin fire extinguishers to Slovakia
1996 The company was accredited by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic to provide professional training for fire extinguisher inspectors and repairers
1997 The company won the ZLATÉ FIRECO 1997 award for the following products: the NOHA fire hose reel and the CO2 KS 5 BG FLN Neuruppin fire extinguisher
2000 Fixed extinguishing systems become the company’s main focus
2001 The company won the ZLATÉ FIRECO 2001 award for the S 9 TANDEM fire extinguisher
2002 The company was accredited with the STN ISO 9001: 2000 certificate for quality system
100th employee
2005 100,000 fire extinguishers sold
2006 The company expanded to foreign markets and subsidiary companies were established both in Slovakia and abroad:
PYROFAB s.r.o., Brzotín, Slovakia
PYRONOVA IS s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic
PYRONOVA IS ROMANIA, s.r.l., Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2007 Other subsidiary companies were established in Ukraine and Bulgaria:
PYRONOVA IS BULGARIA Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 The company gained a license for all related activities with regard to introducing fire-technological equipment in Ukraine
2010 PYRONOVA Hungaria Kft, Budapest, Hungary, was established as another subsidiary company
The company was accredited with the ISO 14001: 2004 certificate for environmental management system
The company was accredited with the OHSAS 18001: 2008 certificate for occupational safety and health management system
The company gained a certificate by the National Security Authority for the entrepreneur’s industrial safety
2011 PYRONOVA IS Polska, sp. z o.o., Radzymin, Poland, was established as a subsidiary company
The company was accredited with the AQAP 2110: 2009 certificate for quality management system according to NATO requirements
1,000,000 km of pipeline
10th turnkey engine room constructed
2012 300 000 sprinklers installed
150 000 fire extinguishers sold
VdS certificate accredited