Foam extinguishing systems are used to protect areas and technologies where flammable liquids or plastics are located, stored or used, for example, chemical substance warehouses, flammable liquid tanks, pumping stations, airport hangars, communal waste incinerators, etc. In addition, foam extinguishing systems are also used in combination with sprinkler or dry powder extinguishing equipment.

There are different types of foam agents – high, medium or low expanison foam agents, depending on the area and building that needs protection.

The foam concentrate is supplied from the container into the proportioner where it is mixed with water and distributed via distribution piping to the sprinkler heads (nozzles), foam generators or foam monitors, which will extinguish an emerging fire.This formed layer of extinguishing foam puts the emerging fire out and subsequently prevents the reignition of the flammable liquid.

Spraying heads are used to protect heliports and airport hangars. Structurally, they are built into the floor, from where they slide out on the surface under the pressure of the extinguishing agent, thus forming a foam cover even under a landing helicopter or under the wings of a parked airplane. To extinguish a fire, remote-controlled foam monitors are also used which help distributing the extinguishing agent at the center of the fire.