Gas extinguishing systems are suitable for areas which contain sensitive technologies or very valuable devices, such as telecommunication rooms, computer server rooms, rooms with electronic control systems, military objects, archives, museums etc.

The gas extinguishing systems we offer are equipped with the best pilot valves currently available on the market which are legendary for their reliability and safety. Thanks to their unique construction and the used “iFlow” technology, regulating valves produced by LPG are currently the safest on the market. They are equipped with special features which prevent accidental and unwanted leakage of the extinguishing agent from the pressure vessel. Given even the operational pressure of 300 bars, they provide a continuous flow rate and constant pressure of 60 bars during the emptying of a pressure vessel or a whole battery of pressure vessels.

The pressure vessels are manufactured in accordance with the EC regulation TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive), which guarantee the maximal maintenance and operational safety.

Natural gases – IG 01, IG 55, IG 100, IG 541, carbon dioxide
Commonly to be found in the atmosphere, they are colorless, electrically non-conductive, tasteless and odorless. Their extinguishing effect is based on reduction of the oxygen concentration in a protected area under the value (less than 15 %) which makes combustion impossible. They are of universal use for various kinds of risks.

Chemical gases – NOVEC FM200 (HFC 227), NAF S 125 (HFC 125), FE13
In comparison with natural gases, the use of chemical gases have lesser spatial requirements for machinery. If a suitable extinguishing concentration is used, neither the safety, nor the health of the persons who are present in the protected area are endangered.

NOVEC is a chemical extinguishing gas of the most recent generation. In the prescribed concentration it is safe for human organism and eco-friendly. It is non-conductive, quickly degradable in the atmosphere and has a low potential for global warming. NOVEC is the so-called “greenest” alternative to the previously used halon extinguishing gases and their substitutes.