Water extinguishing systems


The sprinkler system is a self-operated extinguishing equipment activated by temperature. The opening of the sprinkler head’s thermal fuse causes a drop of pressure in the distribution piping which, in turn, leads to opening a pilot valve and activates the sprinkler extinguishing system. After the sprinkler head has been opened, water in a shower stream form is spurted out, opening only those sprinklers which are located over the center of the fire or in its immediate proximity and the functionality of which is necessary to extinguish the fire.

The main sprinkler system:

  • the “wet” system – which is the most widely known and is used to protect tempered or heated objects – various industrial objects, warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings/areas – in all places where the protected areas are not subjected to freezing.
  • the “dry” system – which is installed in the areas of non-tempered warehouses, loading platforms, lorry docks, public garages and in all other areas where the surrounding temperature can drop below the freezing point. Unlike the wet system, where the pipes are filled with water, the dry system’s distribution piping between the alarm valve station and the sprinkler heads are filled with compressed air.