Fogtec Water Mist

Water mist fire extinguisher creates microscopic droplets through special nozzles, which swiftly draw a great amount of energy from fire, thereby rapidly reducing the level of radiant heat. Water is converted to steam with a speed of an explosion in the removal of heat, while its volume is increased 1680 fold, which displaces air from its surroundings. The main extinguishing effect is cooling, the secondary effect is displacement of oxygen through change of the state of water. Water mist is not heavy on the need for an extinguishing medium (water), nor the dimensions of the installed piping.

Water mist fire extinguishers are, thanks to their very high efficiency of the use of the extinguishing agent, preferred to be applied to protect tunnels, stations, subways, museums and archives, but also boats, engine compartments, turbines and engine rooms, conveyor belts and cable ducts, as well as computer and data rooms, server rooms and electronic equipment.

The leading manufacturer and key partner of PYRONOVA in fire protection systems based on high-pressure mist is a company Fogtec, with which we cooperate in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania.

In cooperation with Fogtec, we offer comprehensive services, such as design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.