It is a unique container system for pumping large volumes of water at a great depth and at great distances. Water can be pumped at a depth of up to 50 m and transported to a distance of up to several hundred meters or even several kilometers. A transported volume of water is 3,000 l/min to 24,000 l/min, in a special configuration up to 50,000 l/min.

The basic principle lies in a hydraulic pump, powered by a diesel engine, which provides the drive of a water pump thanks to hydraulic hoses. Uniqueness lies in the feature which enables pumping even if the pump is in water only partially (the cavitation mode). The device is fully automatically operated and has only minimal requirements on the attendant’s intervention. Similarly, the preparation of the device and the whole hose distribution pipeline to be implemented is a matter of several tens of minutes. Hose repacking is performed by a special reeling unit at a speed of ca. 4 km/h and has only minimal operational requirements.

The implementation of this device is suitable for fire water supply during large fires, forest fires, for water drawing during floods, for providing drinking water supplies to humanitarian camps, etc.

Major advantages:

  • Intervention can be prepared and terminated quickly
  • Large volume of transported water and transportation distance
  • Minimal operational and technical requirements in comparison with traditional methods
  • Container system does not need any technology for handling and preparation of the device
  • Containers can also be transported by helicopter