It is a technology which helps maintain the oxygen concentration in a protected area at a required level, so that the combustion process cannot go on anymore. The volume of oxygen in the protected area is regulated through generation and introduction of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a natural part of the atmosphere and it is obtained in a very simple way for this purpose, namely through air decomposition. A mix of oxygen and nitrogen in a required concentration is non-toxic and harmless for human organism. The OxyReduct system can be used in all those places where fire is out of the question (telecommunication devices, data centers) or in objects where irreplaceable values are stored (automatic storage management, museums, archives, depositories, etc.).

Major advantages of the system:

  • fire cannot even come into being at all
  • the system uses air only
  • oxygen concentration in the air is safe for humans
  • when used in food storehouses a reduced oxygen volume extends the lifetime of food
  • no extinguishing gas replacement necessary
  • no regular testing of pressure vessels necessary