Perimetria – protection of the perimeter borders of an object of interest

Fiber Optic Perimeter

This system makes use of a regular external optic cable which is placed some 30 cm deep in the ground. A ground/fence/wall crossing is also possible. The optic fiber can be up to several tens of kilometers long and is virtually divided into 4,000 zones at the most. In every zone, it is possible to parametrize an unwanted breakthrough and to provoke an independent alarm. The fiber does not need power supply along its whole length and does not radiate electromagnetic energy. With respect to the detection principle the system is very resistant to false alarms as well as influences of weather conditions (fog, rain, snow, wind) and the way of an intruder’s movement is not an issue – walking, running, crawling, driving in a vehicle… Every intrusion is transmitted to a virtual map.

The system detects a broad range of activities, such as tunnel digging and boring, shooting, but also the movement of airplanes in the air. The system’s flexibility allows cooperating with the clients so that a sophisticated security system can be produced with regard to various types of impulses, thanks to using “intelligent zones”.

The system is suitable not only for protection of the perimeter of objects of interest against highest risks, but also, for example, for protection of product pipelines.

The perimetric system on the basis of the laser radar

Area Laser Sensor (ALS)

ALS contains two rotary laser range finders (LRF) in one case. The system sends short IF laser pulses with a period of ca. 6,000 pulses/sec. Reflected pulses are detected in ALS and a virtual map of the protected area is produced. The radius of the protected area is between 30 to 300 m. While installing, ALS “learns” and stores in its memory the location of existing objects (building, etc.) which is then transmitted into the virtual map. The system is able to communicate in a standard interface and broadcast an alarm via the WEB, for example, all the way to a smartphone of the security manager of the facility.