Video imaging Smoke and flame Detection (VSD)

Video detection is a new way of fire detection which uses a CCTV IP camera instead of a classic point or linear fire detector. This detection analyzes every single pixel of every single image of the monitored area directly in the camera. Potential smoke and/or flame samples are confirmed by the “neuron network” of the camera processor. In other words, VSD explores image and does not use heat and/or UV or IR radiation to detect smoke or flame. The camera’s outcome is live image as well as programmable NO/NC contacts. The system is certified as a fire safety device.

VSD is very resistant to false alarms. As for the CCTV camera, it can be used for both zoning the image area and masking places where a false alarm could occur. The cameras standardly come with an objective lens of either f=2.8 mm or f=8 mm. This determines the distance within which the system is without problems able to detect a fire (up to 100 m) as well as the shot angle (up to 90 degrees).

The system comes with an NVR recording and evaluating device, including respective software equipment.