Quality guarantee: VdS

Quality guarantee: VdS

PYRONOVA seeks to provide the top quality in the field of fire prevention. Therefore, the decision about the certification by VdS as an independent auditing body was not a prolonged one. VdS is the top guarantee of quality in the market, that is to say, it is a guarantee of the best there is in the field of fire prevention and safety. We are proud that our company employees such skillful people who helped to achieve the certification through their experience and professional knowledge. But what actually is VdS anyway? And why is it so difficult to achieve the certificate?

What is VdS?
Checked, authorized, safe
VdS is an independent auditing body which has been for decades providing security and confidence in the field of fire prevention and safety. It develops innovative and advanced safety concepts for major industrial enterprises belonging to leading producers. Auditing services, certification, most up to date laboratories, and a wide spectrum of trainings and publications give VdS the ideal position to provide a unique and high-quality service portfolio which unceasingly brings new safety requirements on the international market.
The VdS certification has an excellent reputation with producers, service providers as well as users. It evokes confidence and provides the certainty that device components, systems and services correspond to the highest tested standard.
The extent of services

VdS offers certifications for the following:
– Products (components, devices, systems)
– Installations and specialized companies
– Supplier companies
– Electric installation inspection experts
– Quality management system according to ISO 9001
– Occupational health and safety and safety management systems according to BS OMSAS 18001
– A new concept of protection with fire extinguishing equipment

VdS is based on an expert opinion by an independent institution. The independence is proved by a number of accreditations. Moreover, it is the best evidence of the highest trustworthiness and unique capability of the VdS services. In addition, there is an ever growing trend with users who increasingly choose products and services which guarantee the optimal quality from a safety perspective. It is exactly the VdS certification brand that gives users this feeling.
The whole VdS authorization process is based on coordinated specifications for the installations of fire technological equipment and safety systems by Comité Européen des Assurances.

The final certificate can be granted for the following types of extinguishing systems:
• Fire sprinkler systems
• Water extinguishing systems
• Foam systems
• Systems for the identification of the presence of a spark, and at the separation and quenching
• Fire-fighting systems CO2 (low or high)
• Gas extinguishing systems (using Liquefied inert gases and halogen-modified hydrocarbons)
• Systems for the protection of electrical equipment and electronic assemblies (high pressure CO2, Liquefied inert gases, halogen modified hydrocarbons).
• Special extinguishing systems (eg. Systems for the kitchen, equipment for oxygen reduction)
• Fire-fighting systems using fine spray (low or high)

Pyronova is a holder of the VdS certificate for sprinkler and total flooding extinguishing systems. From this year on, Pyronova Romania is also a holder of temporary certificates for sprinkler and total flooding extinguishing systems; for a period of two and a half years it will be subject to rigorous rules applicable to temporary certificate holders. In the course of this period companies are obliged to submit detailed project documentations and to respect the prescribed requirements which follow from the certification.
Our goal is to be a company that provides the highest degree of quality. We seek to provide our clients with a sense of confidence and security and to offer them practical solutions based on many satisfied clients as well as reliable supply chains which give us the certainty of high-quality business processes and services. All these principles are anchored in VdS.

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